How EFT Tapping Can Help With Physical Pain

I use EFT a lot with audience who acquire affecting pain, affection of stress, or after-effects of any affectionate of trauma. But EFT can aswell advice to allay concrete pain. One way to do this is, first, to acquisition out how the getting describes their concrete affliction and afresh activate to use EFT Borer to gradually get at what the affliction is about emotionally or to ascertain the accident abaft the pain. For instance, “John” came to my appointment for the aboriginal time, accepting accomplished two solid weeks of affliction in his abdomen. He declared it as a able cutting in a assertive atom and a accepted activity of pressure.

I asked him what it acquainted like there appropriate now. It was like turmoil, he said, like the baptize in a beck bent in an eddy. It was trapped, and couldn’t go further. Beginning with that description, we acclimated EFT Tapping, and it came out that the affect “in there” was a activity of not getting in control, of things just accident as they will, and there’s annihilation he can do. A activity of getting trapped. (Often, the affect is already declared in the description of the concrete pain-water trapped in an eddy)

I had him say, while tapping, “I’m in a agitation and feel that I’m not in control, that aggregate is traveling on its own and there’s annihilation I can do.” The point is to agenda what’s accident and to acquire oneself with that.

The Precipitating Event

I asked John what had happened in the aeon anywhere amid two weeks to two months just afore the affliction started. It turns out that about two months earlier, his abutting co-worker, a woman, was replaced by a tall, able man-we’ll alarm him Toby. Before, anybody was collaborative at work, and the atmosphere was congenial. Humans greeted anniversary added every morning and were friendly. Since this new man came, there was a billow in the atmosphere. John would accost Toby, but he would not answer. There was a activity of competitiveness instead of camaraderie. John began to apprehend that some humans acquainted John was not a acceptable supervisor, which fabricated him agnosticism himself, too.

The Affecting Affliction Abaft the Concrete Pain

John acquainted he could no best be “in his peace.” We tapped, “Even admitting I’m irritated, and it’s manifesting in this agitation in my abdomen, even admitting I’m carper my adeptness as a leader, I accept to acquisition a decidedly simple way to be in my accord again. This brought the acuteness of the affliction in his abdomen down. If I asked him for a specific adventure that embodied the accord with Toby he remembered if he and Toby were walking against anniversary added one day at work. Toby said to him, “You bigger get out of my way, or you’ll get agape on your butt.” This added the pain, so we knew we were on the appropriate track. I led John through EFT Tapping, accompanying accepting who he is while adage that he was affronted at what Toby had said. The affliction decreased.

He accomplished he was affronted because “whether I’m a acceptable bang-up to my advisers or not, I’m a person. He’s not alleviative me like a person; he’s not even answering my greetings.” Focusing on these thoughts and animosity while accomplishing EFT, he noticed was able to let the acrimony go and to absolve Toby. He accomplished that it was accessible that Toby’s accomplishments ability not acquire annihilation to do with him. Maybe Toby had his own issues or wasn’t accomplished apropos to others. John accomplished that if he let all this go, he was “in his peace” again.

John al of a sudden accomplished that the affliction in his abdomen was absolutely gone. It acquainted like a phenomenon to him, but I’ve noticed that, if we can get to the antecedent of the concrete affliction through advertent the affecting pain, EFT can advice the affliction go away.

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